Mabian Yi Autonomous County People's Hospital administrative logistics Party branch built flood relief rear
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From the evening of August 2 to 3am on August 3Mabian Yi Autonomous CountyGeneral surrender within the territory特大暴雨,Cause flash flood disaster, causing urban areasAnd some towns floodedSevere, water, electricity and communications were interrupted, some Bridges were damaged, traffic was paralyzed, and many shops were located民房Flood damageIt's Mabian County50年Encounter heavy flooding面对suddenlyHeavy rains and floods,August 2nd at 9 p.mGovernment flood controlAfter the call, Jiang Yaowen, president of Mabian County People's Hospital立即Organize all departments and departments of the hospital to immediately carry out flood control investigation and start emergency plans for all departments。Mabian County People's Hospital Party branch and each branchTense and orderly参与To the flood relief medical support,同时Administrative support staff做好医疗保障Work in the home front。

(A) maintenance of public areas and vehicle support方面At 00:08 AM on August 3rd,Logistics section科长Wang Yuangang immediately rushed to the hospital after receiving the blackout notice caused by the rainstorm, checked the line, and activated the generator to generate electricity。The generator that normally works suddenly fails and needs immediate maintenance, but the maintenance master can not reach the hospital because of the traffic control on the wading road。In order to ensure the normal order of the hospital and ensure that the injured can be treated in time to our hospital, the hospital office specially sent an ambulance to receive the maintenance master smoothly in the early morning1:10 The key departments of the hospital were powered on smoothly。

(二)Organization and coordinationThe hospital office overcame the difficulty of network impassability and notified all the leaders, middle-level cadres and all the staff in the officeAt 20:30 on the evening of August 3, the "8·02" heavy rain flood prevention and relief work feedback meeting was held to deploy the post-disaster医疗、Logistics support work确保救灾Work in an orderly manner。

(3) Data feedback and information release:In the face of sudden floods, timely feedback on the upper and lower information is an inescapable responsibility of the office。office6 hours to collect, count and report the information of the victims to the hospital (the number of patients, injuries and treatment measures), as well as the editing and reporting of the advanced deeds of the hospital after the disaster, the release of the volunteer document and the overall arrangement of the volunteers。

(4) Logistics support方面Due to the impact of the flood, the farmers' market was seriously damaged and could not resume business in a short time. In the case of extreme shortage of living materials, hospital staff, patients and patients' families were protected饭菜供应At the same time, a large amount of stockDrinking water, instant noodles, etcDaily necessities。Logistics leader Wu Chengkai and the driving team take turns to deliver water and meals to various departments and medical volunteer service points。

(5) Material coordinationThe General Party Branch of the hospital decided to better serve the people of Mabian after the floodOn August 5, the medical team of Dongguang District, Huaxi District and Zhangba District and the volunteer service team of Minjian Town Health Center were established。The office coordinates the logistics section to handle the materials (tables, chairs, tents and medical and health materials) needed for volunteer service stations, the production of propaganda signs, and the unified arrangement of ambulances。