The People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Autonomous County held a collective clean government talk meeting for key departments and key posts
Author: People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Autonomous County 时间:2019-09-10 Share with friends:

In order to effectively strengthen the construction of hospital clean government and industry style construction, improve the awareness of integrity and self-discipline of key posts and key departments and the ability to resist corruption and change,At 10 am on July 23, the General Party Branch of the hospital organized a collective clean government talk meeting for key departments and important posts。participants:人Department, finance section, Equipment section, Information Section, procurement office, all members of the pharmaceutical consumables Committee and other key department heads and key department groups。The clean government talk was presided over by Xie Rong, secretary of the General Party Branch of the hospital。

First of all, through the study of the video study of typical cases of violations of discipline and law in the medical industry, and the actual cases around us to remind everyone to take warning and alarm bells, and jointly build a defense line against corruption and eliminate the occurrence of corruption。At the same time, the heads of relevant departments are required to focus on improving the system and process of recruitment, medical equipment procurement, pharmaceutical consumables procurement, engineering projects, logistics management and other aspects。

At the meeting, President Jiang Yaowen stressed that the current anti-corruption situation in the medical and health industry is serious, only to improve ideological awareness, prevent small things, do not save luck, firmly build up the ideological and moral defense line of resisting corruption and preventing change, always stay alert, and always sound the alarm。Every staff member in key departments and key posts,In daily work, we should earnestly study the construction of party style and clean government and relevant laws and regulations of the industry,Be fully aware of the high stakes of your position,Be strict with oneself,Remember one's duty,Take the lead in honesty and self-discipline;To regulate their own work behavior,Strictly implement laws and relevant rules and regulations and work processes;The head of the department should not only manage himself,And keep those around you in check,Cherish one's post,Properly exercise the authority conferred by the position,Keep honesty and discipline in mind,Keep yourself alert,Hold the line,Keep to the red line。

Finally, Xie Rong, secretary of the General Branch of the Party, warned everyone that we are a highly concerned industry by the society, remember not to deviate, once again remind everyone to calculate the political, economic, life accounts, to resolutely hold“底线”,Not crossing the red line,And put forward four requirements for everyone: First, improve the political position,Strengthen the performance of responsibilities;The second is to establish crisis awareness and risk awareness;The third is to break the paralytic psychology and fluke psychology;Fourth, we must maintain strict work discipline,Do a good job in accordance with the requirements, rules and disciplines,Live strictly and make friends,Be low-key;Fifth, do things cleanly,Be a clean man。

The collective clean government talk reflects that the focus of the hospital's party and government leadership is to strengthen the job authority risk prevention and control work of key groups in the hospital from the source, standardize the behavior of key departments and key positions, and establish a clean government risk prevention and control mechanism with posts as the point, procedures as the line and systems as the surface。