The general Party branch of the county hospital visited the party members of each branch
Author: People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Autonomous County 时间:2019-09-10 Share with friends:

In building a Party98th anniversary, for serious践行习近平总书记新时代中国特色主义Thoughts reflect the Party organization's concern and love for Party members and comrades。Hospital Party branch secretary Xie Rong, deputy secretary Jiang Yaowen4 people visited the outstanding party members and cadres of the branches, difficult party members and retired old party members, and sent them condolence products and holiday wishes。

During the condolences, they talked with party members, understood their work, life and physical conditions in detail, and encouraged them to maintain a good attitude and face difficulties in work and life optimistically。This activity not only sent the care and warmth of the organization to the party members, but also further enhanced the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the Party organization。

This condolence activity, so that old party members, difficult party members and excellent party members really appreciate the warmth and care that the party and the hospital sent them, they have said that they want to play a pioneering role in the existing post as always, contribute their own strength!