Introduction to orthopedics
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Orthopaedics is a newly established key discipline in our hospital, which is equipped with advanced specialized equipment such as orthopaedics special operating table, C-arm X-ray machine for surgery, plantar vein pump, monitor, orthopaedic traction table, infrared therapy instrument, ultrasonic pain relief therapy instrument, and computer automatic cervical and lumbar traction treatment table。The Department of Orthopaedics of our hospital carries out many surgical projects, including various internal fixation of limbs and joint fractures, treatment of osteoarthritis, chronic neck and shoulder pain, back and leg pain, sports trauma, acute and chronic injuries of ligaments and soft tissues, etc., integrating surgery, treatment and rehabilitation。West China Hospital, Leshan City People's Hospital, Leshan City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Emeishan City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other well-known hospitals have long provided academic and technical guidance to our department。Our medical staff adhere to the patient-centered, technical excellence, quality service for the purpose of serving the broad masses of the people。

一、诊治范围:四肢、骨盆及脊柱等各部位骨折、关节脱位的手术治疗; 手、足的肌腱、血管、周围神经损伤;腰椎间盘突出症、腰椎管狭窄症、腰椎滑脱、颈椎病等脊柱退变性疾病;骨关节炎、类风湿性关节炎、痛风性关节炎等骨病;急、慢性骨髓炎、化脓性关节炎、结核等骨与关节感染性疾病;各种急、慢性劳损性疾病;各类创伤、慢性软组织疾病的康复治疗;拇外翻、多指并指、斜颈等各种先天性畸形;肘内翻畸形及四肢骨折畸形愈合等后天性畸形;骨囊肿、骨软骨瘤、骨肉瘤等常见骨良、恶性骨肿瘤;小儿骨折与脱位; 

2. Operation: fracture of limbs and pelvis,包括多发骨折、粉碎性骨折等复杂骨折的切开复位内固定术(各种带锁髓内钉、锁定钢板等)及外固定支架固定术、脊柱、四肢各种内固定装置取出术; 各部位关节脱位的手法复位及切开复位术;各种外伤的清创缝合术、异物取出术;腱鞘囊肿、腘窝囊肿、坐骨结节囊肿等体表肿物切除术;手、足的肌腱、血管、周围神经损伤的修复术;各种软组织缺损、肌肉皮瓣转移修复术;骨髓炎扩创清除、冲洗、抗生素骨水泥填塞术;截指、截肢手术;肘管、腕管综合征神经松解术;滑膜切除术;狭窄性腱鞘炎腱鞘松解术;四肢关节周围疼痛、腰腿痛及各种软组织疼痛性疾病的小针刀手术;拇外翻、多指、并指、斜颈等各种先天性畸形矫形手术;肘内翻及四肢骨折畸形愈合等后天性畸形矫形手术;骨肿瘤的切除、灭活、植骨术;

The department of Orthopaedics adheres to the principle of "patient-centered, respecting life, paying attention to health, caring for patients" to integrate humanistic care into nursing services, and launches a new nursing project "Orthopaedics Care Painless Ward" in an advanced, scientific and professional way.。To stay away from pain and build harmonious medical care for patients is our service tenet。

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