Introduction to surgery
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Our department adheres to the purpose of "patient-centered, satisfaction as the purpose", with warm and thoughtful service concept, exquisite medical technology, to provide quality services for the majority of patients。Our department is a comprehensive department integrating general surgery, urology, anorectal and other specialties. At present, we have one senior professional title and 5 intermediate professional titles. Every year, we regularly send people to Huaxi, Leshan and other higher-level hospitals to study new theories and new knowledge, and have strong technical strength。

The department has advanced medical equipment: Germany GIMMI full HD TV laparoscope, ECG monitor, bedside B-ultrasound, electrocardiogram machine, ventilator, mechanical sputum extraction machine, infrared therapy instrument, medium frequency therapy instrument and other equipment。

At present, the main technical projects are:

1.General surgery: can complete subtotal gastrectomy, gastric perforation repair, left (right) hemicolectomy, various types of enterostomy, television laparoscopic cholecystectomy, common bile duct exploration, thyroid tumor extraction, various types of hernia repair, appendectomy, high saphenous vein ligation and various surface mass excision, etc。

2.Urology: Has rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary calculi, tumors, prostatic hyperplasia and common diseases of urinary system。

3.Anorectal department: can carry out internal and external hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal fistula, low rectal polyps and other operations, with less trauma, less pain, quick healing, short hospital stay and other characteristics, by the majority of patients。

4. Since the implementation of high-quality nursing, the quality of nursing service has been continuously improved, and the nursing technology has also been continuously improved, including atomization inhalation therapy, cold therapy, infrared therapy and intermediate frequency therapy.The treatment of mechanical expectoration was well received by the patients。Newly introduced injection pump.Infusion pump technology can accurately, evenly, safely and continuously pump the drug liquid into the patient's body according to the condition, so that the drug can maintain an effective blood concentration in the body to achieve the purpose of treatment。

A number of scientific research technologies carried out by our department have won many municipal and county science and technology progress awards, and more than 10 papers have been published in national medical journals in recent years。It maintains close business contacts with West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Leshan People's Hospital, and Sichuan Armed Police Corps Hospital (Leshan 372 Hospital), and can invite West China Hospital of Sichuan University for remote consultation。

All the medical staff of our department solemnly promise to the society: always adhering to the scientific spirit of dedication, truth-seeking, rigorous and innovative, in line with the thought of serving patients wholeheartedly, taking everything for the patient-centered service purpose, and wholeheartedly providing the majority of patients with superb medical technology and quality medical services。

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