Experts from the National Heart Failure Center went to the People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Autonomous County to carry out on-site verification of the heart failure center
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September 4, 2023,Professor Yang Ping of China-Japan Friendship Hospital of Jilin University, Professor Liu Ying of the First Resuscitate Hospital of Dalian Medical University, Professor Xu Yamei of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Professor Shi Kelei of East China Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, composed of the National Heart Failure Center expert group visited our hospital,The construction of heart failure center (grassroots version) in our hospital was checked on site。

Our institute in...On June 23, 2022, the establishment of the National Heart Failure Center was officially launched, and so far 124 patients with heart failure have been received and followed up, successfully passed the application for registration, start-up construction, material review, expert network review and other layers of acceptance procedures, and ushered in on-site verification on September 4, 2023。

The verification meeting was presided over by Luo Xiaodong, deputy president of the county Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and director of the heart failure Center. Li Lei, secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital, Lu Qingguo, director of the Medical Education Section and Chen Qifu, deputy director of the heart failure Center, and members of the heart failure Center team participated in the meeting。

首先,On behalf of the hospital, President Lu Qingguo welcomed the arrival of the expert group,And introduce the basic situation of our hospital;Professor Yang Ping, leader of the verification team, explained in detail the significance of certification of the heart failure center and the requirements of on-site verification;Dr. Wu Xiaokang, director of the Department of Cardiology, reported to the expert group the construction of the heart failure center in our hospital,And for the network review experts put forward the need to rectify the opinions on the spot to do one answer。

随后,The experts of the verification team interacted with the participants by asking questions on the spot,After the meeting, he went to the department for on-site inspection,Carefully examine the case,Trace to source,Check data carefully,The process, evaluation, grading, classification and medication of heart failure diagnosis and treatment among medical staff in our hospital were comprehensively checked。

Finally, after the on-site verification, the department went to the conference room on the third floor to hold a feedback meeting, at which the experts fully affirmed the establishment of the heart failure center in our hospital, and gave on-site guidance on the current problems。Li Lei, secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital, made a statement and said that the shortcomings of the existing will be seriously rectified, to create a heart failure center (grassroots version) as an opportunity to further improve the etiology diagnosis ability of patients with heart failure in our hospital, effectively promote the common development of grassroots and community medical institutions, and strictly implementThe 16-word policy of "grassroots first diagnosis, two-way referral, urgent and slow treatment, upper and lower linkage" effectively improves the ability to treat heart failure patients, standardizates the treatment of heart failure, reduces the incidence rate, re-hospitalization rate, mortality rate, and makes greater contributions to the health of the people in my county!