Medical record experts from West China Hospital of Sichuan University went to our hospital to carry out medical record coding guidance
Author: Zhang Zaihui 时间:2023-09-08 Share with friends:

Since December 2022, Leshan Medical Insurance Bureau has implemented DRG (Reform of new Medical Insurance Payment System),Our hospital attaches great importance to the reform of the medical insurance payment system,To better adapt to the new medical insurance payment system,Due to the lack of medical record coders in our hospital, part-time medical record coders in various departments have been set up,In the case of this relatively weak medical record coder,Afternoon of August 31 - morning of September 1,Our hospital specially invited Luo Jian, Director of the Medical Records Department of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, to guide and train the part-time coders and medical records staff of our hospital。The medical records coding staff and department heads of medical records department, medical insurance department and clinical departments of our hospital participated in this medical records training。

At the training meeting, in addition to guiding the participants of our hospital how to choose the main diagnosis and surgical code, Luo Jian, the chief of the section, also analyzed the following questionsThe causes of 10 cases with large losses during DRG operation were analyzed and suggestions for improvement were put forward。

Through this training, the relevant staff of our hospital can learn and master the correct coding methods and skills, and improve work efficiency。In the future, our hospital will strengthen the contact with the medical records Department of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, communicate and discuss the medical records coding work together, and further promote the management of medical records。