The People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Autonomous County in 2023 recruitment of extra-staff professional and technical personnel to be recruited and the announcement of physical examination work arrangement
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根据Mabian Yi Autonomous County People's HospitalMeasures for the Administration of Temporary Recruitment (trial)》(马医20194,按照《Mabian Yi Autonomous County People's HospitalThe Announcement on the Recruitment of supernumerary Professional and Technical Personnel in 2023 stipulates thatThe list of candidates to be recruited and the arrangement of physical examination are announced as follows。

1. Name list of personnel to be employed

1.临床:Ma Qin, Chen Rongrong, Ran Juan, Chen Meiyu, Ji Mu Shizhimu, Ji Mu Lazhu, Ji Ke Zuozi, Ji Bu younger brother, Qu Mo Jianniang, Ji Ke A Guomu, Ma Haireha, Lou Zhe Yinbo

2.护理:Zhu Yu, Luo Jiali, Qu Bei Ma Ma, Luo Qian, Li Jiajia, Ma Sha Wuzuo, Xu Changwei, Ji Mu Wujia, Yang Yuan, Wen Ming, Alodaliu, Ji Li Xiaomei, Ji Wu, Ji Hu Hua, Alda Master, Qu Mu A Wu, Ji Ye Luo, Ji Ke Zi Wu, A Luo Ye, Yang Anning, Zhang Yuan Hui, Ji Kra Du

3.Hospital Office:Gao Haowei

4.Materials and Equipment Department:European moma

5.Case Management:Helleberg

6.Rehabilitation therapy techniques:Ma Yan, Liu Chen

7.Ultrasonic technology:Liu Jiayao

The publicity time is5 working days (14 June 2023-20 June 2023)。During the publicity period to accept social supervision report, if there is a need to reflect the problem or do not meet the conditions of employment, please in the publicity period, with real name to Mabian Yi Autonomous County People's Hospital personnel department orDisciplinary member of the Party committeeReflect truthfully and provide necessary investigative leads。If the investigation proves to be true, the employment qualification will be cancelled。

County peopleHospital personnel Department telephone:0833-4518577  13981321616

County People's Hospital Party Committee disciplinary Committee Telephone:0833-4518569

Company address:Mabian countyMinjian Town Xicheng village Group 5

二、Physical examination work arrangement

During the physical examination, please bring your valid ID card to the People's HospitalGuangming Courtyard DistrictRegistration, personnel section to organize sign-up, unified arrangements for health examination, the cost of self-care (pay attention to the hospital wechat public account, wechat payment can be realized)。If the physical examination personnel has any objection to the physical examination results, they can submit to the Personnel Department of the hospital for reexamination (the medical examination Department of the hospital reexamination).。Pay attention to diet the day before the physical examination, and do not eat breakfast on the day of the physical examination。

Physical examination time:June 26, 2023, 8:30 a.m

Physical examination Department: County People's Hospital physical examination Department

  址:Third floor, Guangming District, Mabian County People's Hospital (diagonally opposite the county People's Court)

Medical examination related precautions consulting telephone:4512399


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