Mayian Yi Autonomous County People's Hospital in 2023 recruitment of extra-staff professional and technical personnel theory examination to enter the list of interviewers announcement
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According to the hospital schedule, according toMabian Yi Autonomous County People's HospitalMeasures for the Administration of Temporary Recruitment (trial)》(马医20194,按照Mabian Yi Autonomous County People's HospitalAnnouncement regulations and procedures for the recruitment of supernumerary professional and technical personnel in 2023,Now transfer to our hospital2023 recruitment of part-time professional and technical personnel full-time college degreeThe list of candidates entering the interview and the announcement of the work related to the interview are as follows:

一、面Test time

1.Interview Time:June 12, 2023 (Monday) 13:00 p.m

2.Interview Location: People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Autonomous County (Group 5, Xicheng Village, Minjian Town)

2.1.Nursing Specialty:Mabian Yi Autonomous CountyPeople's Hospital outpatient Department third floor conference room

2.2.Clinical medicine, rehabilitation therapy technology, Ultrasound technology:Mabian Yi Autonomous CountyAcademic Hall, 5th floor, Outpatient Department, People's Hospital

二、Job requirement

1.Candidates must be 30 minutes before the interviewBring your own valid ID cardArrive at the interview。

2.You can't enter the test room 15 minutes late after the test starts,Consider as abandoned。There must be no cheating during the exam, otherwise the exam will be disqualified。

3.If the recruitment work involves the withdrawal of relevant personnel, they shall take the initiative to withdraw。

三、Make the interview list(See annex for details)

Four, consulting telephone:0833-4518577 Consultation time:June 12, 2023 8:30am - 11:00am。

Hereby announce


Attachment: 2023 recruitment of non-staff professional and technical personnel theory examination results into the list of interviewees.xlsx

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